‘Operation Cherry Red’ (OCR) is a special small scale initiative to inspire coffee farmers, roasters as well as coffee drinkers.


Before the annual harvest the coffee farmers are invited to produce special micro-lots of about 1500 3000 Kg - using only 100% Ripe Red Coffee Cherries.

The farmers had only to pick out the fully ripe red cherries from all the arrivals rather like sorting only the most perfectly ripe apples. We know there is a big difference in the cup, the aroma and taste profiles are truly exceptional. Operation Cherry Red is an extra tool to inspire the farmers to take extra care in general during the picking process.

We have both washed and dry processed Yirgacheffe and Sidamo. These are unique coffees showing the true flavours of Ethiopian Coffee. From all the entries only the best lots are selected. Scores have to be an 89+ minimum We only want to share these coffees with our good clients and friends.

The coffees will be relatively higher priced for all the known reasons. The extra margins have been reinvested back to the farmers for drying beds, logistics, packing machines and materials. This coming year further investments will be made for processing methods. It is important to keep upgrading both for quality and volume and of course hunting new coffees and developing other regions.

We hope you will enjoy these coffees and keep supporting this sustainable supply chain. With your help we can continue to develop the great potential of these farmers each and every year.

Thank You