Ethiopia Kaffa Bonga

Kaffa, Gimbo Woreda

  • Altitude

    1814 meters above sea level

  • Varietals

    Heirloom (Local Landraces & JARC 74 selections)

  • Intensity

    Jasmine, Bergamot. Sticky mouthfeel balance acidity

   Kaffa, in the Bonga region, is the epicentre of coffee - after all, the word coffee originates from KAFFA. Here there are subtropical cloud forests where the shade allows for slow developing beans, producing a truly delicious cup.The area has the perfect elevation for coffee at 1841m above sea level. The coffee trees share the forest, in perfect harmony, with cardamom and banana trees, incredible wildlife and the honey bees..

It has a balanced acididty with notes of Bergamot and Jasmine


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