• Altitude


  • Varietals

    Heirloom Ethiopian Longberry

  • Intensity

    Full body, distinctive classic chocolate mocha, fruity blueberry

Ethiopian Harrar Longberry is the highest grown Ethiopian Coffee. An exotic flavour with a nice full body, pleasing earthy notes, and a distinctive rich aromatic character.

Harrar Coffee: Still grown in the traditional way and often intercropped with maize and other grains in small garden style plots. After harvesting the beans are dry processed (sun dried) on long mats raised from the ground. This method gives the coffee it's distinctive natural rich flavour. Super premium beans which are expertly hand picked and sorted at every stage.

We really love this particular lot - really one of our favourites coffees and running out fast.

Deep, Full Body, Earthy and Rich a natural Classic Mocha with Deep Chocolate palate.

Increasingly difficult to find as World Demand for Coffee from the region is now outstripping supply. 



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