• Altitude

    950 - 1285 m

  • Varietals

    Ethiopian Heirloom Cultivar

  • Intensity

    Full Body, Raspberry, Citrus and Wild Herbs

Grown by small holders with between 150 -250 trees each.

A Rare find - This coffee is from a wild and remote area about 250 Kilometres south of Djimma town, the epicentre for coffees from this region.

Vast swathes of indigenous forested hillsides as far as the eye can see interspersed with coffee plantations and small villages.  We have being trying for a really long time to find a truly outstanding lot from this particular region and just as we were about to give up - a great one came along.  This coffee  really Impressed us - something unique and  truly outstanding a really nice addition to our coffee portfolio. We have tried it with both Stove Tops and Cafetiere and loved both. 

This a great example of a sweet floral coffee.

Nice Full Body - Hints of Raspberry a Little Citrus & Wild Herbs & An almost Woody Aroma 

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