Biftu Gudina Cooperative

Biftu Gudina

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    Rich Full Body


Produced by about 130 smallholder cooperative members.

Biftu Gudina is a cooperative established in 2012 which is becoming well known for the  intense and totally unique flavour profiles of their coffee.

This coffee is a result of fully sustainable TechnoServe Project in the Western part of Ethiopia Totally based on transparency and increased quality production. TechnoServe is an NGO which supports the farmers. This is a project which has revealed a great new range of coffee flavours not found elsewhere, benefitting the farmers with increased income.

The local soil is a clay based loam fertilised using organic compost.

There is strong management in place, and they have produced great quality coffee from year one.

This particular lot has an appealing taste profile predominately top notes of Juicy Ripe Plum.

In the cup we found the flavours of Black Tea, Coffee flower, Sweet Spices and Complex fruit notes, Great intensity and juiciness. Really a lovely coffee.

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