• Altitude

    2100 m

  • Varietals

    Ethiopian Heirloom Local Cert & Wollsho

  • Intensity

    Rich Full Body

This is a really interesting Guji and prepared as a natural Grade1.  This means that the producer has been selective and put a lot of effort into the selection of the ripe red cherries, the sorting and grading.  This attention to detail has produced a stand out  complex and wonderful natural coffee.

Some hundreds of small holders deliver tiny amounts of ripe red cherries daily to the mill. These are a mix of two local Varietals - Certo and the local Wollsho. Here one tree typically produces only 100 - 200 grams of coffee.

The mill owned by Israel Degfa is committed to continuing to produce top quality coffees. Additionally he is a supporting may local social projects.

All this time and effort, produces only about three containers of natural coffee annually which is miniscule. So we feel  blessed and indulged to have the opportunity to offer something so special.

How does it taste?  Well, we love our Naturals. and this is a clean standout Guji.  Great Aroma - Cantaloupe and tropical fruits ntense  and well defined with a characteristic full body. Sweet and divine on the palate and even more lovely as it cools. 



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