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It’s the time of the year when we become super excited .

The new seasons coffees are beginning to arrive with many more  shipments still on the high seas, so much to look forward to!

Many  of you will  already know we prefer to buy from small farms many with a single owner working a tiny plot of land.

This year one of the first coffees we sampled is a truly stunning high altitude (2000 m) Yirgacheffe from the village Chelchelie close to the town of Gedeb barely pinprick on the map.

Here one such farmer Jerso Guye just 25 years old tends 3.1 hectares of 

coffee trees. The local soil is a magnificent deep red, amazingly fertile and at this elevation gets plenty of rainfall - perfect coffee growing conditions.

During the hottest part of the day tall Acacia trees help shade the smaller coffee trees and broad leafed Ensete (False Banana) growing at ground level (see image) makes the whole plantation rather magic.



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