Kochere - Debo

  • Altitude

    1900 - 2100m

  • Varietals

    Gori Gesha Wild Forest

  • Intensity

    Rich Rich Rich

Gesha coffee is undoubtedly the Holy Grail for true coffee aficionados and we could not resist so please read on....  for the moment avert your gaze from the price. 

Better still click video link  - feast your eyes - you will be amazed.

Brief History

In 2011 Adam Overton began developing a 500 hectare coffee farm in Gesha with one vision in mind to produce the best coffee in the world. The Estate location was chosen based on strict criteria Altitude:1900 - 2100m, Ample Rainfall, Temperature Patterns, Rich Virgin Forest Soil, old growth trees and an existing Coffee ecosystem. 

The seed  selection has been harvested from the Gori Gesha wild coffee forrest about 20km from the farm where seed during the 1930s were selected for the famous Panama Gesha

The Meanit peoples are the local inhabitants and protecters of Gesha

The planting density 2000 trees per hectare is moderate and supports a sustainable ecosystem

Due to the overwhelming success of the initial cupping trials of the native Gesha variety they have partnered with the local community to bring this coffee to the market. It is washed and processed by at the farm, but grown by surrounding farmers or gathered from the Wild Coffee Forrest. They also share a significant amount of the profits from the sale of the coffee with the local community.

Indulge yourself Please

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