Kayon Mountain


  • Altitude

    1900-2100 m

  • Varietals

    Ethiopian Heirloom

  • Intensity

    Full of flavour

Another beautiful coffee from the Guji region and as you may know we are big fans of
coffees from this region. Kayon Mountain is a little bit special. This is from a family owned
farm run by Mr Esmael and his family. The farm is fairly new started in 2012 with the sole
aim of producing only the very best top quality coffee. This combined with being
completely environmentally friendly so good for Mr Esmael we wholeheartedly approve.
Situated in a 240 hectare plot the soil is a rich fertile loam planted with the best Heirloom
coffee cultivars shaded by a canopy of tall natural forest.

Organic principals are strictly adhered to with leaf fall, farm and animal dung being the only

During the harvest droves of people from local villages descend on mass to help with the
picking and sorting of the beans.

We think this particular lot is a bit of magic. Sweet top notes with blueberry and on the
palate a subtle hint of hops.

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