Kochere - Debo

  • Altitude


  • Varietals

    Heirloom & local improved varietals

  • Intensity

    Full Rounded body

For us a much anticipated new coffee from a single estate.

Private farms of this size are not common in Ethiopia, and here the owners are progressive and committed to doing what ever it takes to produce great quality coffee.

The farm is in Atnago (click on map below)

Owned by Mohammed Lalo & family. This is a unique coffee for more than just it's cup profile. On average there are 1,100 1,800 coffee trees per hectare, which is low density for Ethiopia. 18 different types of tall trees provide shade for the smaller coffee trees during the hottest months, water comes from natural springs.

The coffee trees have been divided into 33 individual plots covering some of the 200 hectares of land, each plot is separated by varietal using  heirloom and three different local improved varietals and all cared for by the dedicated site manager, Mohammed Museyen.

The ripe coffee cherries look amazing and a first rate selection process and

in place - only the perfectly ripe’s will are used.We think you will be impressed by he depth of flavour  - Rich full body, top notes of stone fruits, apricots & Cantaloupe with a bounce of herbals & Elderflower as it cools. 


Mohammed Museyen




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