Nano Challa Co-op


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    Full rounded body

Produced by 408 Cooperative Members.

25 members  formed Nano Challa Co-operative in 2004,It quickly grew and today there are 408 members whose origins span a diverse blend of peoples from different parts of Ethiopia.

The coffee trees consist of an unknown number of indigenous varieties brought from the forest meaning these could be some on the oldest Arabica strains in the world

Large tracts of pristine forest shade tall spindly wild coffee trees.  The forest systems almost produce coffee on their own, which means that it’s more a matter of collecting rather than growing.

The quality of this coffee and the ongoing improvements made to the processing have resulted in this fantastic coffee.

Taste-wise this is really sumptuous coffee - Melon like aroma and taste-wise Wild Honey and a Plum - like fruitiness. Made us very happy!

The Ethiopian Coffee Company Limited is registered in England and Wales No. 10048521. VAT Registration No. 252857190.
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