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Wonsho District, Dalle Sidamo

Bokasso Co-op (1650 Smallholders)

Here we have a wonderful coffee from The Bokasso Co-operative (1650 Smallholders) and part of the Sidamo Coffee Farmers Union - well known for high quality beans

This is high altitude coffee Grown in a mineral rich loamy organic soil and part of a local traceability initiative

Bokasso displays all attributes of a fine Sidamo coffee with some really surprising distinguishing characteristics

First off is the richness of the brew - quite dense fully rounded on the palate with a nuttiness, brown sugar and cacao.  The aroma is typical of a Sidamo floral, bright and by comparison to most Sidamo's almost delicate.

A further surprise: this coffee tastes equally wonderful as an espresso as well  all other brewing methods - Filter, Caftiere, Stovetop of Aeropress. We have tasted Bokasso every which way and find it unbeatable on every level.

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