Guji 1 Deri Kojao

  • Altitude


  • Intensity

    Med-to full Bodied

Guji produces some of the best coffees from the Sidamo region and this one is no exception. Grown mainly in small family plots and gardens, the soil is rich and fertile with plentiful seasonal rainfall.   What is for certain with this Guji is the outstanding complexity of flavours which produces a coffee so lush and rich tasting.  A dash of citrus,  a light fragrant lavender then just for good measure a more pronounced  pineapple and mango follow through.  Having said that and rather surprisingly the mouthfeel is not overladen with too much fruitiness, here the flavours simply coat the palate with ease and softness. The dark secret -  lies within the depth of colour and depth of flavour. Bonus points for a fine aroma and a rich caramel -like crema

This is a no fuss dream brew -full bodied with the power switched on. 

Farm Manager’s Daughter

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