Guji Uraga Lot1

  • Altitude

    1650 1800m

  • Varietals

    Local Heirlooms

  • Intensity

    Full Bodied

High altitude coffee such as this Guji Uraga have the advantage growing in the most  perfect climate - sunny by day with cool nighttime temperatures. Guji coffees have over the past few years have gained a stellar reputation and are highly prized and sought after.

This amazing coffee from the Uraga co-op (belonging to the Oromia Cooperative Farmers Union) is grown at elevations between 1900-2200m using the local heirloom cultivars.

The coffee is washed, carefully processed then slowly sun dried for 15 days. Consistent and meticulous sorting at every stage gives an amazing uniformity to the beans. (see image).

This is a beautiful sweet coffee with floral top notes and herbal undertones. We love this coffee both freshly brewed or poured over ice makes an really tangy refreshing warm weather drink.



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