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One of the stars this season is this fantastic coffee from the Hunkute Co-operative in the Dalle region of Sidamo.

The coffee grows at one of the regions highest altitudes and is produced by about 1700 smallholders. If I had to say how good this coffee is - I would give it an almost perfect score - it tastes that good!

During the production the ripe coffee cherries have been left to soak in clear mountain water for 12-24 hours then left to dry on hessian cloths on rasised African drying beds on. The beds are covered at mid-day and at night.

Flavour-wise this is a true Sidamo with top notes of florals and at a deeper level of soft fruits. Running through the tops notes Dark Chocolate - especially as it cools.The aroma is highly charged from the outset.

We are using the beans for both filter and as a component of our espresso blend. It also works well as a single origin Espresso. Really a delight to drink.

(All co-operatives in Ethiopia belong to a Union in this case the Sidamo Union)

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