• Altitude

    1900 - 2000m

  • Varietals

    Ethiopian Heirloom, improved varietals & native coffee of forest origin

  • Intensity

    Nice Full Body

Here is a stunning Natural coffee from the uppermost reaches of the Yirgacheffe range 1900 - 2100m. This particular lot has been awarded the highest accolade - Grade 1. Comprised of small lots gathered from the local villagers as well as a few outlying communities. Sun dried on African style raised beds, and prepared to highest specification with a limited supply. This drying method means thin layers of beans are left out in the sun and very carefully moved around to avoid damage. The layers are built up but are covered during the mid-day sun and at night. This a a labour intensive and costly procedure but if you want coffee of this quality this is what it takes.

The roasted beans have a really sweet perfume - Berries and Wildflowers. In the cup there is a distinctive aroma, Sweet, Floral with Buttery Caramel, As the coffee cools in the cup the fruitiness increases with the unexpected  aroma of Cocoa and even Toasted Sugar. All this comes with a silky smoothness.
This is the best sun dried coffee we have tasted so far this season.

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