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    Mixed Heirloom

A classic Yirgacheffe. from The Knots Family.    

Located about 50Km from Yirgacheffe Town The Knots farm and processing plant are situated in a valley with it’s own unique  micro climate.

Each family member has approximately two hectares of land averaging 3000 trees.

Besides growing coffee, the family also grow other crops for subsistence purposes and some also raise cattle.

Tall trees provide shade including the species Acacia Abyssinicca, Podocarpes (Pines) and Cordia Africana a flowering tree which attracts bees which by turn pollinate the coffee trees. The rich loamy soil is naturally fertilised by leaf fall

All the picked coffee cherries are processed at the Family owned Mill.

This is a classic Ethiopian Arabica. Here mixed heirloom cultivars come together to produce Exceptional a Flawless Flavour profile. Bergamot and Peaches.  The aroma - Strong dark tea.  Rich full bodied, surprisingly Chocolatey as cools. 



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