• Altitude

    1750 - 1850m

  • Varietals

    Local Heirlooms

  • Intensity

    Fruity & Fully Bodied

Here is a beautiful and surprising coffee, one that bounced up to us and said 'Try me'.

Some 650 farmers working on small plots average - 2 hectares each.  They then  deliver the ripe beans to the mill of Aumer Abed where they are washed then left to dry  on raised African drying mats for about 15 days. The beans are frequently turned to achieve an even moisture level and covered during the hottest part of the day and during the night

This is high altitude coffee up to 2,200 in some areas.  This region has a distinguished reputation,  producing some fine micro-lots which are highly prized. 

The soil is fertile the rainfall  plentiful - the farmers highly knowledgeable. The local heirloom varietals grow wild and are vital to producing a coffee with a unique  local flavour.  We found this corree very refined with a strong fruity mouthfeel - Florals, Sweet Chocolate and  Thyme and a fine lovely aroma.  This is choice coffee and well worth trying. Works well with all types brewing methods 


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