• Altitude

    1800 - 2000m

  • Varietals

    Ethiopian Heirloom & Native Coffee of Forest Origin

  • Intensity

    Highly complex, Jasmine, Coffee Flower & Oolong Tea

Here we have a really unique and wonderful coffee from the Konga region and the privately owned mill -  Wote.  Much of the best Ethiopian coffees are produced in this region, high altitude and mist laden, plenty of water, quality Soil benefitting from volcanic deposits rich in minerals & Nitrogen.  Here about 600 smallholders with small family plots or gardens produce only about 3 containers annually.

Best described as darkly seductive, with a well balanced  truly original flavour.  Here the flavour notes peak on the palate with a rich bold flavour. The natural Yirgacheffe characteristics are all in there, Bergamot, Oolong & Jasmine Flower but without wanting to press the point too hard the complexity of flavours of this particular lot are definitely more intense - nutty, stronger on florals especially as it cools in the cup. This is a coffee which will excite the taste buds and become a firm favourite.

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