What We Do

Our Aim

is to be the best at what we do. We are dedicated and deliver on our promises. We source our own coffees and roast in small batches daily ensuring the coffee we sell and serve is always fresh.

Our Coffee

Whenever possible we import directly and visit Ethiopia and our suppliers on a regular basis. We are constantly looking for the best quality beans and to showcase the diverse flavours and tastes of what we consider to be some of the greatest coffees in the world. We buy small lots and micro-lots so our green beans are always fresh and the current seasons crop.

The Pursuit of the perfect Roast

Given that we live and breathe coffee you can imagine that we spend time on our roast profiles. It is important to us that our customers should be able to distinguish the different flavours from the different varietals of coffee. For example Harrar will have a completely different roast profile to say Yirgacheffe. We want to give our customers a memorable experience each time they brew.

We roast each of our coffees bi-weekly and to order for larger wholesale quantities - this way our customers will be getting the freshest coffee available.


The fabulous taste of Ethiopian coffee owes everything to the perfect environment in which it grows. Using only the indigenous heirloom Arabica varieties, grown at high altitudes with ample rainfall, a near perfect climate, good fertility and natural planting conditions these are the contributing factors, which make Ethiopian coffees so great. Organic by tradition the farmers maintain the slightly sour pH soil with a mixture of shredded leaves and branch clippings – all natural supplements with which to maintain fertility. All Ethiopian coffees are grown organically by tradition.

Our whole process from sourcing to the finished product is extensive.We buy for taste not for price!

We are dependant on the harvests and their timings and the quality of the crop. If the crop is good we buy, but sometimes if it is not up to our standard then we have to pass. This means that occasionally some of our coffees will not be available. If we don’t like the taste we simply don’t buy.Our mission and guarantee is to bring our love and passion for coffee to you!

Visit us

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The Birthplace of Coffee

Still producing non hybridised beans in much the same way as it has done for nearly a thousand years. We specialise in the sale and promotion of exceptional Ethiopian coffees, we are thrilled to be able to bring our coffees to all you coffee lovers out there who we think will appreciate our quality and the unique flavours we produce.

Within our small organisation we have a dedicated Ethiopian and British team who are knowledgeable and have a direct line of access to the finest Ethiopian coffees available today. We resource and buy only top quality Arabica beans, which we roast by hand in small individual batches for optimum flavour and grind only to order.

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