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Ethiopia grows some of the Worlds Greatest Coffee and we have made it our sole mission to hunt down only the very best coffees this country has to offer. Here at The Ethiopian Coffee Company we take pride in being the best at what we do. Top quality Arabica beans from the Highlands of Ethiopia perfectly roasted in small batches to ensure freshness, great flavour and aroma. By the way.... The coffee you receive will have been packed specially for you either Whole Beans or Ground (just how you like it) on the day of despatch. Click on our Coffees & Webshop to view our complete range of coffees and special micro-lots.

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The Ethiopian Coffee Company

The first shout out for the amazing independent sellers of sumptuous food and drink has to go to this brilliant coffee company.

I have been going to the same company for coffee company after trying it at the London Real Food Festival and after almost 3 years I haven't turned back. Undoubtedly (in my humble opinion) this is the best coffee I have had. The coffee runs smoothly along your tongue like velvet leaving a bitter chocolate after taste. I highly recommend Abba Jiffar's Royal Blend, a really rich and strong bean. For an easy chocolate like taste I recommend the Lekempti.

Just the best coffee man....ever...

This brilliant coffee master will tell you which coffee to have depending on whether you'll be using filter, espresso machine or cafitiere; he'll also tell you how best to store your coffee too to make it taste at it's best for longer. He'll even blend different beans if he think it suits your coffee tastes and coffee making methods. Aside from his coffee expertise this man is just so cool- not just breezy cool- coffee flavoured frappucino cool. Unfortunately after almost 3 years of loyal coffeedom...I still don't know his name (too engrossed in coffee talk) so Mr Coffee man it is!


Price Range:
£8-10 for a bag of coffee (market price)

Market stall at the Real Food Festival (Southbank), Ground Control Cafe located in EC1 1UR, also available in Partridges in Duke of York Square (Kings Road, Chelsea, London)

What they say (taken from website):
"Whenever possible we import directly and visit Ethiopia and our suppliers on a regular basis. We are constantly looking for the best quality beans and to showcase the diverse flavours and tastes of what we consider to be some of the greatest coffees in the world. We buy small lots and microlots so our green beans are always fresh and the current seasons crop."